Blogs I love

I want to start off this blog by sharing some of my favorite blogs from around the fatosphere.  These are the blogs that lift me up, make me laugh, and inspire me on a regular basis.  These blogs are the reason I started MTMS!

First up is Jess, The Militant Baker.  You can find her here Jess blogs about fatshion, fatness, body love, being freaking awesome, and lots of other cool stuff.

Ragen, of Dances With Fat blogs about obesity and HAES (Health at Every Size) research, and has many EXCELLENT posts about the myths of the diet industry.  Check her out at Dances With Fat  Ragen is also training for the Ironman Triathalon (because she is a BADASS!) and that journey can be found at Ironfat.

More of Me to Love is a great collection of bloggers who all blog on fat-related issues.  Check them out at More of Me to Love.

The last on the list for today is no longer being updated, but his information and links are still excellent resources.  I’m a huge nerd, and a science/medical geek at heart, so Junkfood Science tickles my brain meats! Have a look for yourself here Junkfood Science.

Seriously, check these blogs out, they are awesome!


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