Ashley Judd to press charges re: sexual harassment on Twitter

Ashley Judd at the Arkansas Razorbacks v Kentucky Wildcats basketball match.

picture via,  Photograph: ddp USA/Rex

Found this article this morning.  Good for Ashley for standing up and speaking out!  I am happy to see another woman using her celebrity in order to speak out about sexual harassment.  This kind of crap happens everywhere every day, and it has GOT to stop!  Why do people think that a woman’s tweets about the NCAA tournament are a great reason to attack her?  Oh, right, because women are supposed to sit down, shut up, and just look pretty.  Sorry, I momentarily forgot my place. *eyeroll*

I love social media because it connects people, gives everyone a chance to tell their story, and gives us all a chance to find others like us.  At the same time, I hate that social media seems for so many people to be a permission slip to be a royal asshat.  Anonymous or not, people seem to think that it is perfectly acceptable to attack people they don’t like, or whose views/opinions differ from their own.  Now, don’t get me wrong, you absolutely have the right to disagree, you even have the right to be angry or I suppose (if you really want to waste the energy) to hate them for whatever you think they are doing wrong.  You also have the right to engage in debate and discussion with people about the things that bother you.  (Underpants Rule)  You DO NOT however, have the right to attack people, sexually harass them, or threaten them with mental or physical harm!  These things (threats and harassment) are, in fact, illegal.

I’m all for the 1st amendment and free speech, but illegal threats and harassment are not protected speech.  Also, we are so lucky to live in a country where we HAVE freedom of speech (North Korea, anyone?) why do so many people waste that freedom (yes, I think it’s a waste) attacking other people?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no angel.  I have called plenty of people idiots, or cussed them for (in my view) being ignorant, but not on social media.  And I’ve never called someone a cunt or threatened them with sexual violence for expressing their opinions on a basketball tournament.

Really, I think Ashley sums it up nicely with this quote ““Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for what they write, and not allow this misinterpretation and shaming culture on social media to persist.”.  Take some responsibility for what you write and what you say.  Stop the shaming, stop the sexim, racism, ableism, and all the other ism bullshit.  Why can’t we all just be decent human beings?


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