Fatshion post, the first!

How ’bout we talk fatshion?

What’s fatshion you ask?  Or did I just misspell the word?

Fatshion is FASHION for us FAT folks!  That’s right, you too can wear cute, fun, fashionable clothes!  Just because we are fat, doesn’t mean we are relegated to ugly clothes that look like circus tents.  True, we do still have fewer options that “straight size” folks, but the plus-size fashion world is getting bigger and better every day!

Today I want to review a few items I have purchased recently.  All items in today’s post are from ModCloth and eShakti.

I don’t have pictures of myself wearing them yet, as my selfie game is lame, but as soon as I get pictures I will share them with all of you!

First up, my absolute favorite bottoms, from ModCloth.  These are the Tandem Tour shorts, and I got them in black.  I LOVE the shorts!  First, the fit is spot on.  I wear anywhere between a US women’s 18-22, depending on brand/style/cut etc.  I got these in a 3x and they fit perfectly.  They are fitted (not loose and baggy) but not too tight.  These shorts make my butt look (and feel) awesome!

I needed a simple cardigan to go with various tops.  I really wanted the Charter School Cardigan in black, but it has been out of stock.  I also loved the ‘Sky’ color shown here, but it too was out of stock when I decided to order.  I ended up getting it in ‘Blackberry’, which is a lovely dark plum color (I wear a LOT of purple, so this is no stretch for me) This cardi is nice because it is just the right weight.  Not to heavy (so I’m not sweating) and not too light (so I’m not freezing).  The material is unbelievably soft, and it hangs nicely.  I bought this in a 4x, as I was concerned my 42 DDD’s wouldn’t fit into a 3x.  I definitely needed the 4x!  It is fitted at that size, but does not gape or pull at the buttons.  A 3x would have been a no-go.

The first thing you notice about the You’re the One That I Flaunt leggings is that they are shiny.  Not like,  metallic or wet-look shiny, but they are definitely not a matte finish.  It’s not super noticable, so I’m fine with it.  I got these in a 3x, but I probably could have done a 2x.  They fit nicely, a smidge loose (but that’s my sizing problem, not a fault of the garment)  They are perfect under a tunic or dress.  I will say that at 4’11” they were far too long for me however, I just cut off the extra length and they were fine.  The cut edge has not frayed or rolled or done anything funny.

The Rise to the Crop  leggings were a recent purchase, and as such, I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet.  I did try them on out of the box and the 3x fits perfectly.  They (again, I’m SHORT) fit me a bit long, so they are more like pedal pushers than capris.  I think that on someone of average height, they would be more like a capri length.  They fit nicely, not loose not tight.  I plan to wear these under a dress I got from eShakti, to add a little punch of color to the outfit.  The fabric is soft and feels nice against the skin.

With my first order from ModCloth I also picked up a pair of boots and a pair of flats.  I wanted something reasonably simple that I can wear to work, but also a little fun (boring shoes suck!)

Boots & Booties - Evening Exploring Boot in Black

I am utterly in love with the Evening Exploring Boots in black (because it goes with everything).  I have been super impressed by these boots from the start!  They are simple and go with anything, but have some fun little details that dress them up a bit.  The best part was they were comfortable right out of the box! No break-in time needed!  I seriously took these out of the box and then wore them for pretty much a week straight.  The leather is soft and supple, yet sturdy enough that I am not worried they are going to suffer a critical failure any time soon.

The Studious in Style (I go the black ones) are another great ‘wear it everywhere’ shoe.  I loved the retro look with the adorable herringbone detail.  They did not disappoint!  These, like the boots, are very comfortable, though the flats did need a day or two of light wear to break them in a bit.  I will warn you that these have no cushion and no arch support, so they are not the greatest shoes if you’re going to be walking a lot.  I wore them out shopping last weekend and while my outfit was rocking, my feet were hurting!  Still, nothing but love for these shoes!

I’ve got 3 more items that I want to review later, so stay tuned!  One lovely dress from ModCloth and 2 beautiful and versatile dresses from eShakti!  Coming soon!


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