Every Body is a Bikini Body!

For too long women have dreaded summer, or as some call it, “Swimsuit Season”.  In my experience, it seems that swimsuit season could almost beat out New Years for sheer volume of weight loss/diet/fitness/body-shame articles that show up everywhere you look.

My lovelies, I have groundbreaking news for you today…  You don’t need diets or weight loss or fitness tips to “get a bikini body”, because you already have one!  That’s right, YOU have a bikini body!  Want to know the surefire two-step plan for summer?

Step 1:  Have a body.

Step 2: Put a bikini on it.

That’s it!  There ya go!  No matter what you have been lead to believe, anyone can wear a bikini (or whatever type of swimsuit you prefer!).  You don’t have to wait for the perfect body, because there is no such thing.  If YOU want to rock a bikini, than go ahead and rock it!  You don’t need anyone’s permission to do what you want with your body.

So, now that you know you have a bikini body, where do you find a great bikini?  Do they even make bikinis for fat girls?  Yes ma’am they do!  More and more designers and retailers are getting in on the fatkini (that’s a bikini for fatties, for the uninitiated) trend.  This means that we’ve got lots of choices!

Bustle did an article a few days ago that has a great list of options.  Check out the article here.  I would also add one of my absolute favorite places, ModCloth.  They have a bunch of ADORABLE retro-inspired suits in one and two-piece.  Their sizes for swimwear go up to a 3x (US 24/26).  Also a less-well known but also cool site, Big Gals Lingerie.  They have several pages of swimsuits to choose from, and you can custom order them in up to an 12x!  Big Gals is where I got my fatkini!  I will post pics, as soon as the weather here in the Midwest gets warm enough for me to do more than prance around my room in it!

This summer, get out there and have fun!  Stop ‘weighting’ around for the right time.  The time is now! Don’t forget your sunscreen!!

graphic above via Huffington Post


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