Mod Cloth Customer Service

Disclaimer:  I am a ModCloth Affiliate (if you buy stuff from links on my blog, I get a little commission) That said, ModCloth did NOT pay me, or compensate me in any way for the post below.  The post was my idea and not sponsored or requested by anyone at ModCloth.

Ok, so I have previously sung the praises of ModCloth here on my blog.  I love their selection, the fact that they have really CUTE things in my size, and I have loved everything I have purchased from them so far.

Now I can add their fantastic customer service to the list of reasons to love them!  In my email today, I had a notification that some shorts I really wanted were back in stock.  Conveniently, I also had a coupon for 20% off (maybe planned, maybe not.  I would have ordered the shorts either way)  So I hopped on, put the shorts and a few other things off my wishlist in my cart, and proceeded to check out.  I was so excited about getting some new pretty stuff, that I flat out forgot my coupon until right after my order was placed!  Whoops!  Well, it’s definitely a Monday!

I immediately opened the order confirmation email, and clicked on their “Live Chat” option, to chat with a customer service person.  The chat came up right away, and worked surprisingly well on my phone (past experiences with other chat services on mobile devices kind of suck).  I was chatting with a lovely representative named Joanne, who listened (read, I guess) to my dilemma, got the needed info, and quickly fixed my order.  She took the coupon code, applied it, and let me know that the change in amount will be reflected once my order ships.  This may have taken all of 5 minutes.  Joanne was very sweet, very helpful, and very fast at her job!

So thank you again, Mod Cloth!  Once again you have exceeded my expectations!

**Shameless plug!**  If you would like to check out ModCloth’s Faboo customer service for yourself, click here for a special offer for new customers.  Get 20% off your purchase of $100 or more. (I am a ModCloth affiliate and do make a small commission of of sales resulting from links on my blog)


5 thoughts on “Mod Cloth Customer Service

    1. Thus far, I have had no issues with the sizing. I have a….oh let’s say roughly 52 inch waist? I measured recently but apparently forgot! Anyway, I wear anywhere between a US women’s size 20 and 24 (depending on brand, fit, bloating, yada yada yada). Thus far I have ordered pretty much everything in a 3x and it fits wonderfully.
      I did order a cardigan in a 4x, because I needed some extra space to fit the 42-44 DDD’s in, and it fit great as well. Their size chart seems to be pretty spot on, so that is helpful.
      Also, I think nearly every item has a ‘fit guide’ snippit on the item’s page. It will say “item runs true to size” or “Runs small/large size up/down”
      Also, check the reviews. A lot of reviewers post their measurements and the size they got, so you can see how it fits on different sizes. I like to look at the pics to see if it seems tight or loose or whatever. Plus it’s a fun way to see how other people have styled the item you might buy!

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