eShakti, you are awesome!

(Disclaimer: I am an eShakti affiliate.  I earn a small commission off of purchases made if you click through my links to the site.  However, eShakti did not pay me for this post, all views expressed are mine alone.  I have not been compensated for this post/promotion, I just had to tell you about some super cool stuff!)

Ok, I know I just rambled on about my love for ModCloth yesterday, but indulge me again today while I ramble about eShakti, ok?

I have purchased 2 dresses from them in the past and I love them.  In fact, I am wearing one right now! (I would link you to the dress, but it was a closeout and they don’t have the same style anymore, so here is a link to some other chambray dresses (and skirts and tops! instead))

Anywho, I’m not posting today to talk about the dresses I already own, I did that in an older post here.  No, today I want to tell you that they have some super cute new boho stuff and now they make CUSTOM PANTS!!!

I’m a wee bit excited about the pants, can you tell?  eShakti has always done custom stuff, you pick from the styles and colors they have, then select your height and waist size to get a custom garment.  Want it more customized?  For a paltry $7.50 you can change the sleeves, get the sizing custom tailored to your measurements, or change the length of a dress or skirt.  As a super short fat chick, the option to customize was what sold me on eShakti for my first order.  Once my items arrived and I saw what great quality they were, I was hooked.

Today I was browsing the intertubes, like ya do, when I saw an ad for eShakti that said they had lots of new bohemian styles.  Well, being a hippy at heart (or at least really liking the hippy style) I had to check it out.  The do indeed have a bunch of really pretty new bohemian styles in both tops and dresses.  My wish list just got a whoooole lot longer!

Previously, eShakti carried skirts, tops, and dresses.  No pants.  Now, they have graced the hard-to-fit with blessedly FULLY customizeable PANTS!!!  You give them your measurements and they will make a pair of pants to fit YOU!  How freaking cool is this!

Every single measurement goes up to 100″, including waist and hip.  The measurements they need are: hip, thigh, wearing waist, outseam, inseam, total rise, hip at crotch, and calf.  This makes it super easy to get pants that fit YOU perfectly!

They have pants, capris, crops, shorts, jumpsuits, skorts, and even some jumpsuits!  I have been drooling over the recent trend in jumpsuits, but would have to hem them myself if I wanted any hope of them fitting properly.  Now short little me can have jumpsuits too!

Now, If you will excuse me, I have to go shop for pants!




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