The Fallacy of “If You Really Liked Yourself…”

“If you really liked yourself then other peoples’ opinions wouldn’t matter!”

via The Fallacy of “If You Really Liked Yourself…”.

Love it! Once again, Ragen hits the nail on the head.

My favorite part of her post is this:

 Let’s try to clarify with a quick game of Opinion or Oppression:

I wouldn’t like being fat.


I shame, stigmatize, bully, and harass fat people because I think that’s what’s best for them.


I think being fat is a bad thing.


I’m working to create a world where fat people’s access to clothing, or healthcare, or transportation is more limited than that of thin people


I wouldn’t want to be married to a fat person.


I want it to be a law that consenting fat adults aren’t allowed to get married because I don’t want to marry a fat person and/or I think that the higher power I believe in doesn’t want fat people to get married.


There’s a difference between opinions and oppression, and self-esteem isn’t enough to fight it all. I love my fat body, and that can insulate me to some extent from other people’s fatphobic opinions, but it’s not enough to insulate me from a world full of weight-based oppression. Having a positive opinion about me and my choices is completely optional. Treating me with basic respect and not trying to limit my rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness based on my body size is absolutely mandatory. When people try to oppress us, we have every right to fight back and loving ourselves doesn’t make that option any less valid..

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