Quote from a friend:

“The number on the scale merely demonstrates your relationship with gravity…some people just have a better relationship than others.  None of us are floating off the planet, so whatever we’re doing is working.”

I have to give a little bit of background on this quote.  My friend is naturally very thin.  She struggles to gain and maintain weight, and sometimes her health suffers.  This trip, she discovered that she had gained weight, so she was excited and had to tell me about it.  She said that while she was waiting to be seen, another woman was being weighed prior to her appointment.  The woman looked at the number on the scale and said “125! I’m such a cow!”  My friend (who had just weighed in at 122, responded with “Well if you’re a cow, then I’ll moo too.  MOOOOO.”  The woman didn’t find it terribly funny but the nurses cracked up.


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