Wide Calf Boots

So I just remembered that last month when I was at Torrid, I ran into a friend and we were discussing wide calf boots.  I promised her I would send her some links to places I knew of, but I forgot! Bad friend!

Well, better late than never!

Jes did a post back in 2014 highlighting some of her faves.  I also did a search and came up with some options I thought I would share.  I will say that I haven’t tried any of these.  I want some knee-high boots, but I haven’t taken the time to look at the options and pick a pair yet!  Maybe doing this post will inspire me to finally take the plunge!

Here is what I found on the intertubes:

Zappos – has a whole section for wide calf boots.  I like that they have different styles (casual to dressy) different colors, and different heel heights (even though I love the way the high heeled ones look, I can’t walk in them.  So I just stare longingly at the gals who rock them!)

.Torrid – multiple options, colors, heel height etc

Lane Bryant – not a lot of options now, but I assume they will get more styles once they shift from sandal season to boot season

Full Beauty (formerly One Stop Plus) – Tons and tons of options! Bright colors, lots of styles.

Simply Be – Lots of very classic, clean styles.  I like quite a few of their styles (they have lots of sensible heels)

Avenue – Like LB, they don’t have many styles now, but I assume they will expand once boot season gets here.

Do you have a favorite pair of wide calf boots? Tell me about them in the comments!


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