Sad body image factoids (plus my thoughts on the matter)

Imagine how much free time you would have for thinking about the stuff that matters, if you weren’t thinking about what you hate about your body.  More time for thinking about what fun things you could do this weekend, or time to plot and plan the perfect birthday party for a friend, or just time to aimlessly daydream.

Yet that is the body type that so many are starving and hating themselves to get.

The media is killing our kid’s spirits 😦

I was one of these girls.  I dieted off and on from the age of probably 12 to 31.  I starved myself (going a day or more without eating) and used diet pills before I was even old enough to buy them. (My father bought them for me)

Girls this young should be thinking about their next slumber party or learning how to do a cartwheel, not about dieting.

Imagine if society and the media celebrated all bodies as beautiful, ho many fewer people would not fall victim to eating disorders. (I am aware that there are other reasons that people get eating disorders, however I believe that truly celebrating all bodies as beautiful would do a lot to help)

Undergrads should be thinking about projects and exams, not dieting and their weight.  Depriving your body of nutrients on the latest fad diet only makes it harder to study, concentrate, and remember the information.

I makes me sad and angry that physical attractiveness seems to be the number one focus of all advertisements, especially those aimed at women.  Why are women and girls so rarely celebrated for their brilliant minds, artistic talent, kindness, or anything but their bodies!?!


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